First Weeks in Uganda: Leave us Very Grateful

As I type this, we have no electricity, but have heard this is nothing new. We’ve been without power several times since arriving so we’re grateful when it comes back on before going to bed because sleeping with a fan (directly on you) is a must here. Not a ceiling fan, but one on a stand. If only they could follow you around 🙂


We arrived to our new town of Jinja, Uganda around 2am Thursday (11/10) after 26+ hours travel. The first few mornings of waking up we were like “Woah! Do we really live in Uganda?!?” It was very surreal. We spent the first several days getting acclimated to the time difference (+8 EST), learning our way around town, good places to eat, shopping (essentials, not my usual shopping girls), getting new SIM cards, how to add time to our phone, what bank will accept our “debit card”, etc. Think opposite when you think of how things are done in the states. Speaking of which, Kelly now drives on the left side of the road & the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. He is #killinit!

We have been welcomed by the best people! The Amazima staff has made us feel at home instantly. So many great field trips…exploring town, teaching Kelly the roads, going out to dinner. They’ve had us over for homemade meals and so many great conversations have been had getting to know our new friends. We are very grateful for our Amazima Team!


Shopping here is quite different, but I like it! We buy all of our fruits and vegetables fresh from an open-air market. It’s a multi-level concrete structure with sections for things such as produce, clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, school supplies, tools. Kelly calls it an “outdoor Costco”. IF ONLY 🙂 For things other than produce, there are several small supermarkets (think gas station convenience store) to buy snacks, cleaning supplies, paper goods and a few staples we’re used to. Kelly found cereal & even Red Bull (yuck) but he was very excited for both. There’s a local dairy for milk & yogurt, which is very yummy. We are grateful for everything fresh we can buy.


For the first few months (until our housing at The Amazima School is complete), we’re living in a cottage behind a guest house. It’s about 700 sq. ft. with a bedroom, bath, sitting room and kitchenette. Our “kitchen” has a hot plate, dorm size refrigerator & tea kettle. Getting a toaster is on our list:) Luckily, we eat breakfast & some dinners in the guest house. Connie (housekeeper) and Ivan (chef) along with the rest of the staff take great care of us! We are so very grateful for each of them!

THE AMAZIMA SCHOOL (see pics below)

It is beautiful! We cannot wait to welcome all the students on February 13th. Several teams have walked the property lately praying over the classrooms and student dorms. We are praying for life change in the students coming to The Amazima School.  through Christ-centered mentoring and education. Please pray along with us for God to prepare the hearts and minds of the students moving onto our campus in February.


Things will slow down here over the holidays because so many of the missionaries visit home. We will use the down time to deepen relationships with the Ugandans and Kelly is looking forward to getting a lot of planning done for the school without many distractions. We are also thinking about visiting Kenya for a few days but there are no real plans yet. The prayers being sent by everyone are certainly being felt! We feel very protected and God has been so gracious to us every day.

Together in Him!